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It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that Wuf passed away on May 27, 2023.

I don't have any details at all, and I only found out through the numerous RIP comments on his Facebook page.

He was a great friend and a wealth of knowledge to me. We went out "rock picking" a few times

together, and I will miss that tremendously! We had many plans for other trips, but his condition

wasn't conducive to him getting out much. Now it is too late!

What I do know is that he had cancer of the throat, he couldn't talk anymore, he couldn't swallow

more than liquids, and he was in terrible pain for the last 12 or so years!

Although it is very sad that he is no longer with us, it is a blessing that he is finally out of pain...the

pain that the doctors couldn't deal with!


Not knowing that he had passed, I renewed his website for a year. I had been wondering why he

never answered his email. He was pretty good about that.

I will leave this tribute to a great man until June 4, 2024 when it will expire and vanish forever.


Thank you for supporting him. He really did enjoy all of your friendships.

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